ASX 100 List

Top 100 List Companies

ASX 100 (XTO or INDEXASX:XTO) was first launched 03/04/2000 and start trading on trading on 23 August 2000. There are 100 constituents.

The following table shows you the top 100 listed companies in Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).These ASX companies are ranked by market capitalisation. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are excluded from the list.

Please note the list was created based on the company market capitalization at the time of writing and is subject to change without further notice.

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Top 5 companies in ASX are: CBA, BHP,CSL, WBC and NAB. As you see from the list, It is not hard to tell banks dominate the list with big four banks on the top 10 and then followed by big miners like BHP and FMG. From dividend prospective, FMG has the highest dividend yield (12.5%) . Only five companies on the list are not paying dividends. These companies are: A2M,LYC, NXT,XRO, ZIP and APT.

What is ASX 100 return?

Since the index started, ASX 100 has annual return of 3.86% p.a. excluding dividends or 8.15% including dividends up to December 2020. Average dividend yield of these 100 stocks is 2.93% and average PE is 41.15.

Sectors Breakdown

A graph is better than thousands of words. The pie chart below illustrates how ASX 100 is made of.